MAN to Sensitize Media on Agricultural and Economic Growth


It is undeniable that media sector in Nepal is vibrant and flourishing with growth being witnessed across all media: print, electronic, radio, and online. However, the quality of content is missing even from the national media. There is a strong need of increased representation of the sustainable livelihood and the agricultural issues in the media. For this end, Media Action Nepal (MAN) in collaboration with Heifer International is conducting a nationwide media sensitization campaign to equip journalists with advance knowledge on sustainable livelihood issues, agricultural potentials and economic growth.

The campaign will be carried out under the project ‘Sensitizing Media on-Sustainable Livelihood and Agricultural Issues through Capacity Building of Journalists’ and sensitize journalists of 32 districts from province number 1 to 6 in between August 2018 to February 2019. Three separate three-day long training workshops will be organized to enhance the capacity of journalists on agricultural reporting to motivate them towards country’s agriculture development initiatives.

A total of 100 working journalists from 32 districts will be trained on agricultural, economic and livestock issues, to initiate dialogue on the problems affecting the sector, and to encourage the media outlets to prioritize and play a critical role towards the growth of the sector in their respective districts. ‘Agriculture and Economic Development: A handbook for Journalists’-prepared under this initiative will serve as a guidebook for journalists during and beyond the training.