Executive Committee

MAN’s activities, projects, campaigns and initiatives are governed by an Executive Committee elected every four years, which sets the overall organizational policy, reviews the work and budget and decides on membership and affiliations. MAN believes in transparency, inclusion and participation. Its General Meeting is held annually and Executive meetings are held at least once every quarter. Its books of account are audited annually. The Executive Committee is composed of seven members.

Mr. Laxman Datt Pant
Chairperson, Ph. D. Scholar
Ms. Priyanka Jha
Vice-Chairperson, M.A. in Conflict & Peace Studies
Ms. Arati Shilpakar
Secretary, M.A. in Media Technology
Ms. Dipa KC
Treasurer, Bachelor's Degree in Education
Mr. Yam Bahadur Dura
Member, Ph. D. Scholar
Mr. Ganesh Prasad Ghimire
Member, LL.M in Human Rights
Mr. Aashish Mishra
Member, Bachelor's Degree in Media Studies