Prof. Barış Çoban


Barış Çoban is a Professor in the Communication Sciences Department, Doğuş University, Turkey. His research interests include alternative (new) media, new social movements, surveillance and journalism safety. He edited the book “Social Media and Social Movements” (Lexington, 2015) and co-edited the books “Alternative Media in Turkey” (Kafka, 2015), “Panopticon 2.0: Alternative Media and Counter-Surveillance (Kafka, 2018)”; “New Journalism – Mediums, Experiences, Opportunities” (Kafka, 2020) and co-authored research articles: ‘The Gezi Resistance and Activist Citizen Reporters’ published by De Gruyter’s Communications journal in Vol. 42, issue 1, in March 2017; ‘How safe is it? Being an Activist Citizen Journalist in Turkey’ published in an edited book titled ‘The Assault on Journalism’ (U. Carlsson & R. Pöyhtari, 2017) by Nordicom; ‘Counter-surveillance and alternative new media in Turkey’ published by Taylor & Francis’s Information, Communication and Society journal in Vol. 21, issue 7, in March 2018; ‘Turkey: How to deal with threats to journalism’ published in an edited book titled ‘Transnational Othering – Global Diversities: Media, extremism and free expression’ (E. Eide, K. Skare Orgeret & N. Mutluer, 2019) by Nordicom and ‘A Review on the Safety of Journalists in Turkey: A Victims’ Rights Perspective’ in S. Jamil’s (ed.) 2020 book titled ‘Handbook of Research on Combating Threats to Media Freedom and Journalist Safety’ by IGI Global. The last co-edited book of Çoban (with B. Ataman, S. Jamil and G. Appiah-Adjei) published by IGI Global in the late 2020 was Handbook of Research on Discrimination, Gender Disparity, and Safety Risks in Journalism.