MoU signed to enhance media research and to capacitate journalists

MoU signed to enhance media research and to capacitate journalists

KATHMANDU: Aiming to enhance the quality of media research and to capacitate journalists in central and south Asia, Media Action Nepal and Online University, Kyrgyz Republic have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU).  This MoU aims to engage working journalists, media scholars and aspiring journalists to engage in range of activities to promote credible and accountable media.

The MoU signed on February 16 between Mr. Laxman Datt Pant, Chairperson of Media Action Nepal and Dr. Elira Turdubaeva, President of Online University, targets to further the launch of collaborative efforts in three major areas: to develop joint media and communications research projects; to create a student exchange program engaging media and journalism related universities and colleges of both countries, and to organize joint seminars, trainings, summer schools, winter schools and other educational and professional programs and activities  both online and offline.

Also, this initiative is anticipated to enhance the quality of each partner’s research and training activities by benefiting from their convergence of interests.

Both organizations shall exchange information and offer one another reciprocal support on academic, cultural and administrative matters through exchanges of publications training, research and other appropriate actions targeted to engage and benefit journalists and media.

The two parties shall consult one another whenever they deem necessary, and specifically to jointly assess the development of teaching and research actions and to draw up a record of actions already achieved or currently underway.